Originally from Eritrea, we have been based in Kaiserslautern for over 30 years. We feel connected to both German and East African culture. This exciting combination of different cultures is also reflected in the ambience and cuisine of our "Safari" restaurant.


We always use fresh ingredients that are refined with original African spices. Whether with meat, vegetarian or completely vegan: We create a culinary experience for everyone. We offer typical wines and beers that go perfectly with our dishes to go with our traditional dishes, mostly based on old family recipes.


For years we have been among the top 10 restaurants in Kaiserslautern on the tripadvisor rating platform. We are very proud of this and thank our guests for the great reviews.
We are always happy to welcome regular guests and new faces and to bring a piece of home to Kaiserslautern with our dining culture.

Since 2014 we have been serving our guests in our premises at Humboldstrasse 31-35, in the immediate vicinity of the "K in Lautern" shopping center. Parking spaces are available in the adjacent residential area and shopping center.

Whether cozy family evenings, interesting business lunches, or unusual birthday parties for everyone, we offer a special culinary experience made from typical dishes and selected drinks.

  • We always use fresh ingredients
  • original African spices
  • old family recipes
  • Whether with meat, vegetarian or completely vegan: We create a culinary experience for everyone.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are legally obliged to collect your data (name and address). Please adhere to the general hygiene and distance regulations. We ask for your understanding and stay healthy.


East African cuisine 

We have collected some questions and terms that we are asked about. We are happy to answer your questions on site.


Injera (Amharic and Tigrinya: እንጀራ ənǧära [ɨnd͡ʒǝra]; also: Enjera, Injerra or Injira) is a soft, leavened flatbread on teff flour. It is traditionally eaten in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The flour is mixed with water to form a dough that has to ferment for a few days. Soft flatbreads are then baked from it on hot clay plates. The surface contains many visible air pores, which makes Injera suitable for absorbing sauces.

Source: wikipedia


It is a hot mix of spices. The preparation of the mixture is not subject to a uniform recipe, but the essential ingredients are chili pepper, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cloves, coriander seeds, allspice, ajwain and dried rue fruits.
Berbere is not only used for cooking, but can also be made into a paste called Awaze with water and wine, which is served as a table seasoning.

Source: wikipedia


Shiro is a stew of Ethiopian-Eritrean origin, the main ingredients of which are chickpea powder or broad bean flour. It is often prepared with chopped onions, garlic and, depending on the regional variation, ground ginger or chopped tomatoes and chili peppers.

Source: wikipedia


This is a homemade spiced margarine, which is used in many dishes instead of cooking oil. It gives the dish a special touch that is typical of the country.
(Sunflower margarine, onions, garlic, fenugreek, berbere, ginger)

Source: wikipedia


Couscous, cous cous or couscous is a North African dish. The base consists of semolina made from durum wheat, barley or millet that is moistened and ground into small balls. The semolina is not boiled for cooking, but rather steamed over boiling water or a boiling dish.

Source: wikipedia

How do you eat?

The right hand is used to eat. The injera replaces the cutlery and at the same time represents the side dish or bread. You simply tear off small pieces of the flatbread, use it to grab a piece of the meat or vegetable preparation and bring it to your mouth.

For reasons of hygiene, please wash your hands beforehand. Of course, you can also eat with cutlery.

Source: wikipedia



Makda Meharena


Esayas Yehdego

Chef and Owner

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 Where to find us


Mr. Esayas Yehdego Tedla and
Mrs. Makda Meharena


Humboldtstr. 31-35
67655 Kaiserslautern

opening hours:

Tuesday - Sunday
5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Kitchen closes at 10:00 p.m.

Monday: closed


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